Information Is Beautiful Awards 2023

IIB Awards Long-listed Infographics

Solo work
July 2023
Adobe Photoshop

In this academic project, I embarked on an extensive journey of research and data collection, resulting in the creation of two infographics. These pieces not only showcase my data visualization skills but also employ storytelling techniques to make complex data engaging and accessible. Recommended by my course instructor, both works were submitted to the 2023 Information Is Beautiful Awards and successfully made it to the longlist. This recognition serves as an encouraging validation of my design and research efforts.

Why we need to care more about neurodiversity workers?

Science, Technology & Health

Neurodiversity is a crucial topic that remains largely unexplored, despite it being part of our everyday world. As our understanding of the human brain evolves, it's essential to acknowledge and appreciate the diverse range of cognitive abilities in our society.

This infographic takes you through an enlightening journey of understanding neurodiversity, navigating the employment path as a neurodiverse individual, and realizing the substantial value they bring to the workplace. Let's champion for change and foster a more inclusive environment for all in the professional world.

Powerball Jackpot History

Category: Science, Technology & Health

Since its inception in 1992, the Powerball lottery has been a beacon of hope, a glimmering opportunity for ordinary people to step into the realm of the extraordinarily wealthy. It's a dream that millions of Americans share, but the reality is, this dream is as elusive as it is tantalizing.

This infographic dives into the intricacies of this captivating phenomenon, charting its history in recent 10 years, record-breaking jackpots, the lump-sum vs annuity dilemma, and the incredibly slim chances of winning. Journey with me as I unlock the enigma of the Powerball jackpot - an exquisite dream that is as elusive as it is alluring.